They say the key to a peacefully sleeping baby is a good bedtime routine. 
That's why Mommy's Bliss, maker of the much-loved Gripe Water for colic, gas, and tummy issues, has come up with a new line designed to become part of your baby's wind-down process. The Sweet Slumber products are perfect for every step of  baby's bedtime. I decided to give them a try on my very non-peaceful teething  toddler.
I started with Sweet Slumber Baby Wash, a 3-in-1 bubble bath, shampoo and 
body wash, in the tub. FYI, I love that it's free of alcohol, sulfates,  phthalates and parabens, so you can feel safe about your little one sitting in
a  bathtub full of it. The scent of Lavender, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang is
subtle  enough that it didn't smell fake or overpowering.  My toddler's very
sensitive skin had no reaction.
Next, it was PJ time. I rubbed a little bit of Sweet Slumber Massage Cream 
onto his arms and legs. Since I started the massage thing late in the game,
he's not so into it- he thinks we're trying to bother him with medicine, not relax him. Still, I  enjoyed how soft my hands felt after. Might have to get Daddy to use this  massage cream on Mommy !
Finally, I spritzed Sweet Slumber Mist into the middle of his bedroom. It's 
 supposed to create a calm and familiar bedroom enviornment through smell.
Loved the gentle, non-chemical smell. I felt like I was
breathing in natural lavendar. In fact, I liked this spray so much, I've started  to spray my own sheets with it every night.
  The verdict: While I didn't necessarily see any change in habits from dear
  teething toddler, this mommy certainly enjoyed the subtle, relaxing fragrances
  and has started using the products on herself. If you like the idea of baby skincare that can double as mom-time
  products, you can feel good about how natural this line is. Give it a shot on your little one!

See how a real mom uses the Sweet Slumber Bedtime Routine!