My favorites, you can tell I use them a lot :-)
When I only have a minute to get ready (which is most days), I have a  makeups musts routine that I turn to. Here are my favorite go-to's that work for a playdate or party. What are your everyday makeup musts?

Step 1
Slather on the BB cream of your choice, which conceals, moisturizes, and perfects fine lines. My top pick:
Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream.

Step 2:
Concealer time! I love Bobbi Brown Face Touchup Stick because it can go under eyes, on zits, or on freckles- it's a one stop concealer shop.

Step 3:
Give cheeks a glow with a liquid bronzing/illuminating potion.
I love how this product perks up skin fast: Stila One Step Illuminate.

Step 4:

Use the most volumizing, lengthening mascara you can find to play up eyes with one product. I keep the mascara wand close to the lash line to make it look like you're wearing eyeliner. I recently got a sample of Korres which makes lashes look super plush.

Step 5:

Swipe on a tinted lipbalm that doesn't require looking in the mirror. I love how sheer Burt's Bees is.

As I revamp what was formerly the blog 9 Months of Style into a commentary on my (attempt at a stylish) life as a mom to a toddler, it seems like a perfect chance to share those items that have become staples over the course of the last two years. These are my all time mom must-have picks, from head to toe:
Lancome Waterproof Concealer

Do you know what tired is spelled backwards? MOM. If there's only one thing that you do for yourself this month, buy this concealer. This is the only one that made me look like I was sleeping close to 8 hours when it was really more like half that amount; it blends in without making lines look worse, and best yet- it's waterproof, so when you are crying out of frustration that your kid won't stop crying, at least it won't show!
Gap Legging Jeans

These are seriously my go-to mom jeans. They are stretchy enough for climbing around on your hands and knees with a kid, high-waisted for holding in muffin top, and sexy enough to wear for the rare date night. They make your hips look small and your legs look tall. They should be renamed "Gap Magic Pants". I have them in a stack of washes and patterns, but start with the 1969 pair and build your collection from there. (see about me pic at top- I'm wearing a pair!)
Belli Pure Radiance Sunscreen spf  25

I have been using this fantastic lightly tinted sunscreen since before Toddler was even conceived. I used it all through pregnancy and nursing, and while I could easily switch to a paraben packed concoction now, I keep using it because it never breaks me out, it's moisturizing, it gives me a glow, and it's made without yucky bad-for-your-body ingredients. I've gotten a few friends hooked as well.
Toms Shoes

I may have an obscene amount of Gap legging jeans, but my Tom's collection is a close second. Aren't they just the perfect mom shoes? You can slip them on while holding a kid in on arm and your diaper bag in another. You can wear them to just about any event and with any outfit and look cute. I promise to line up my whole collection for you and take a pic, so I can prove to you that I probably have too many pairs. But how can you say no when they help a kid in need? That's what I tell my husband. :-)  What are your mom must-haves? Let's start the discussion below!