As a first time mom, I'm admittedly a little bit obsessed with cleanliness. If I could strap a bottle of hand sanitizer to my baby with a sign that says "please use before touching", I probably would. (Hmm, note to self: business idea.) I've tried numerous types of saniziter lately, and unfortunately, my constant use  has caused some extra dried out hands (and an  eye-rolling husband). I was excited to try BabyGanics the Germinator because many hand sanitizers have chemicals that make  you wonder if germs are better for your baby than the stuff you're putting on your hands to prevent them!

BabyGanics was created by  two dads who wanted a "green option" for their growing families. All BabyGanics products are all-natural, and safe to use around babies. The Germinator kills germs naturally, and without drying alcohol. What I immediately liked about the Germinator  was that my hands didn't feel like dried out corn husks after using it. I loved that there wasn't any chemcial smelling fragrance to the product. The foamy consistency was a nice change from liquids and gels, plus I could use less product and get the same amount of effectiveness. BabyGanics is definitely a brand I'll continue to use; I plan to keep a bottle of this stuff in the diaper bag, car, and by the changing table. I'm glad I can continue to indulge in my new mom germ obsession by keeping around a sanitizer that people will actually enjoy using!

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