I've made my first foray into compiling nursing attire...sexy, right? From what I've heard from friends, nursing tanks are a must-have for sleeping, out and about, and at home. I've already tried on a bunch of different brands, and here's what I've discovered:

Affordable (under 20 bucks) and versatile, with a cute selection of styles for day or sleep. The only problem? The fit is off for girls like myself who are busty but have a smaller torso (even with a baby in said stomach). The small fit my 9 month bump, but not my 9 month boobs. The tanks are better for girls who need less support- perhaps up to a c or d cup.

Even cheaper than Target, with decent basic styles. However, there's little support in their basic styles. They are a great option for plus-size moms though because they have the largest selection of 1x - 3x and XL sizes of any place I went.

Old Navy:
You can get nursing tanks online for about 8 bucks, but the current crop have no support- not even a shelf bra. Which is a problem if you need to put  nursing pads somewhere. Best for small busts, I think, or busts that want to be free, so to speak.

Motherhood Maternity:
Again, each tank is around the 20 dollar mark, but I'm not crazy about the shelf shelf style bra in most of them. I did like the one below, with it's belly-hiding style and two layer top. It's not supportive enough to go out in, but great for sleep time and I may get more.

Pea in the Pod:
My all around favorite so far. They have a nice long length that will go with leggings, have a lot of support so they function as a bra on their own (with most of the others, you have to wear a  bra underneath) and they are padded, so additional pads won't show through. They also give a  flattering shape. The small fit me and my larger size chest well. The downside? Each tank is $40, an expensive investment. I got 3, but  I'll keep on my mission until I can find something flattering, fitting, and inexepensive!

Motherhood Maternity
Pea in the Pod