When I found out I was pregnant for the first time, one of my first thoughts admittedly was, yay! A whole new wardrobe! The question was, just what on earth will I be wearing? I've looked at the maternity sites before to see what's out there, and flowery, empire waist tops that tie in the back are seriously, not my thing. Nor are skin tight tank tops- I'm not into the whole hipsterish hey, look at my giant popping belly button that I'm so proud of trend. I started to panic; how can I stay true to my style, while still dealing with changes I can't even imagine yet? Join me on my quest to stay stylish for 9 months and beyond.

Tops for that in between time

I've noticed that it might be time to wear something a bit flowy. After careful searching, I found a few tops that are transitional yet are still things I'd wear anyway:

Gap soft tank

Flowy, with a fashionable drapey look. Cut for hiding the waist, without being obviously pregnant-looking, especially good for solving what to wear to the office right now.

Eileen Fisher Linen Cotton Slub Shirt
My mom suggested that I might want to check out Eileen Fisher for loose, flowy tops that are distinctly un-maternity. I fell in love with this one. Stylish now, stylish as you expand, (I'd say it's probably wearable until month 6 or so) and stylish during months 10,11, and beyond.