Another Old Navy hit! This adorable matching mommy/baby nursing set is just the thing for the hospital when visitors are swinging by and when you are taking a plethora of pictures. I'm not normally a person who wants to match anyone, but I had to indulge just this once. Luckily at only $32, it's an indulgence that's affordable. I suspect it'll be my new favorite lounge outfit at home, and baby boy will stay warm and comfy. Plus, with Old Navy's constant great deals, I got it at 25% off! Also in pink and gray for little baby girls.
9/16/2011 10:04:45 am

I got your messages on Bloggy Moms. I'd love for you to guest post. Let me know which topic you'd like to focus on. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

E-mail me at

I know you're due any day now...I will put your post up as soon as you get it to me!

10/19/2013 06:37:36 pm

Thanks to your blog, I'm gonna create one now too, thank you.


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