Check out my guest post on I Heart Maternity, a fun blog filled with all sort of mom favorites, musings, and more! Here's a snippet of it: As a blogger and soon- to-be mom who normally writes about maternity fashion, I’ve tried to make an effort during my first pregnancy to keep my sense of self and style during this time of major change with my body and life. It’s been fun dressing for a bun in the oven! For months, I’ve carefully spent time contemplating ruffled tops, accessorizing with draped scarves, and studying where to get discounted skinny maternity jeans (Gilt Group!). I’ve found great organic skincare (loving Physician’s Formula OrganicWear) and makeup choices, picked a few fab going out dresses from Destination Maternity, and generally been enjoying the transformation to hot mama!

But now, in the last few days of my pregnancy, fashion is the last thing I can think about! I wear the same 2 shirts over and over because they are the only ones that fit over my bump, and the same 2 pairs of pants, and I’m okay with that. (I’m not really going too many places these last days anyway- it’s pretty hard to get around when you waddle instead of walk!) I guess that means I’m truly becoming a mom already, because all I can think about is him! When is he coming out? Does he have enough room in there? What did that twinge mean, am I about to go into labor? And most importantly, who is this person inside me going to be and how can I be there for him?

I love that as the weather changes from summer to fall, my life also changes: Welcoming a new life for the new season. It feels fitting that my new path in life begins as we usher in the time of year of beginnings: new school year, holidays, and well, even new television premieres (I’ll be needing those shows to get me through late night feedings!)

As I look out the window, and watch the leaves start to fall, I realize I’m shedding the old me too—to gear up for my own special new season.

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