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I love how versatile Nokt designs are, which is important to me when looking for maternity clothes.  I don't think it's worth it to buy a gigantic new wardrobe for really only a few months. I want pieces I can use in multiple ways and Nokt is great at that. I like to wear the designs casually on the weekends with leggings and flats, and then dress them up with skinny jeans, heels, and chunky jewelry if I'm going out to dinner with the hubby. And I really love that I'll be able to get use out of the tunics afterward as well. I think they'll look super cute belted, when I can wear belts again!

For a limited time, readers of this blog can NOKT for less! (It's certainly worthwhile to buy your maternity clothes at a discount!) Simply enter the discount code 9months at checkout to get 25% off for the next month. So worth it for an item you can wear 9 months and beyond!

Check out more of me in NOKT clothing here:

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