I've always had an interest in all-natural and organic skin and beauty care, but during my pregnancy, it's been stepped up a notch or 100. After years of department store brands, it was time to make an effort to try to use products without parabens, pthalates, and sulfates. So I've been gradually switching most of the products I use on my body and hair to organic, "healthier" brands. (Well, except  for my beloved Lancome concealer. Hey, nobody's perfect!)

I really love Nature's Baby Organics products because they are filled with organic ingredients, and contain nothing fake or chemical. They can be used by me now, and on the baby later. I'm particularly crazy about the Face and Body moisturizer (70% organic), because it  means you have to use one fewer separate product on yourself. It's packed with good stuff like aloe vera and olive oil, and sinks in right away, leaving me smooth and soft head to toe. It also has no scent, which is better for my sensitive nose and baby's sensitive skin.

The organic baby oil is another favorite. I'm very allergic to fragranced products, but this causes no issues. The subtle scent of mandarin and coconut has turned my "staycation summer" into a tropical getaway. (All I need is this, the dress below, and a flower tucked behind my ear and I might as well be reliving my Hawaiian honeymoon...)

You can order Nature's Baby Organics online at Ecobabiesonline.com, a great site that offers organic skincare, toys, clothes, and more. The site even offers a cloth diaper service! It's truly a mecca for all things organic and natural.

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