Meet Lauren DeCandido, writer of The Mom Report, a must-read mommy blog. You'll laugh out loud at Lauren's musings about motherhood, life with her toddler Serena, and her pregnancy with #2. Lauren is this month's stylish mommy because even with her hectic life, she always finds time to look completely pulled together (and from what I gather, also finds time to pull together completely yummy gourmet meals! Meanwhile, my poor kid and husband are on the chicken nuggets/pasta diet!)

Here's the lowdown on Lauren's style secrets:

SM: Tell me about The Mom Report and how it came about.

LD: My blog is really just about being a working mother and trying to balance the life I knew before I was a mother with the life I know now.  It’s all about trying to fit in all those things that are important to me like family, work, fitness and healthy delicious foods while keeping my life together and achieving some magical sense of harmony.

SM: How would you describe how your style has changed now that you're a busy working at home mom?
LD: I would say my style has collided with my active lifestyle goals. Everyday I throw on a pair of yoga pants and a cotton maternity shirt with some sneakers in the hopes that during one of my little snuggle’s naps I’ll squeeze in some time with Tracy Anderson a la DVD. I feel like if I put the clothes on, the time will be made!

SM: What are your mom/maternity wardrobe must-haves?

LD: Leggings. And some of those wrap-type shirts that could be casual or nice. If I’m looking to fancy it up a bit, I opt for some maternity pants and one of those clingy shirts topped with a bathrobe inspired sweater. Comfort is key. And if I throw a little mascara on, it doesn’t look too shabby at all! 

SM: Now, on to beauty and accessories! Fave diaper bag? Fave skincare?
LD: I just recently ordered a new one from Land’s End that my neighbor recommends and swears is the perfect size for two kids. She’s pretty much right about everything so I’m looking forward to its arrival. Also, I swear by the Aqua Glycolic 3 step system. You can find it on Amazon. It’s great for acne and fine lines. I use this with my Clarisonic and find it’s been great at minimizing lines and breakouts. Aside from that, I love Mac Zoom lash mascara for daytime and Smith’s Minted Rose lip balm.

SM: What mommy-friendly item are you currently lusting after?

LD: Anything from LuLuLemon. Once I have #2 this March I’m looking forward to stocking up on some chic active wear.

SM: Which famous mommy's style do you admire and why?
LD: Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s effortlessly chic and always achieves the perfect balance of comfort and class. Not to mention, she still knows how to sex-it-up for award shows and dates with her hubby Chris Martin.

These are a few of Lauren's favorite things:

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