I have a one year old, and my eyes tell the story of the last year. Crinkles, wrinkles and bags aren't just toys for my little boy- they're under my eyes!
For months, I've been looking for a solution to make me look closer to I did in the days when 8 hours sleep was an average, not a daydream. I've tried numerous top-selling eye creams, but was sadly disappointed each time. I know only sleep can make you look like you've slept, but there's gotta be something that can at least help a mom out a little, right? Enter Dermagist Eye Revolution Gel. This cosmeceutical level product uses a secret combiantion of peptides to depuff, lighten up, and smooth out lines around the eyes.

I was skeptical at first: the gel felt too light and refreshing to seem like it would do much. I've been trained by the beauty industry to believe the thicker, heavier creams are the ones with the most "power". I've been using it for a week, and I have to say, it's possible that I might look like maybe I have slept a bit more ! ( I haven't.) My eyes are less puffy, and the dark circles slightly less prominent. I'm excited to check back after a months' use!

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7/10/2013 01:22:03 am

instant face lifting spray that delivers powerful anti-aging peptides in a natural formulation filled with pro-vitamins and antioxidants


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